A “Must HAVE” for
Foodies in Japan



Find gourmet restaurants near main tourist spots EASILY


Dine like locals! Choose Great cuisine from Translated menus


Get discount or free services in many of our Dinning Partners

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What is a Japan Gourmet Pass (JGP)?

Japan Gourmet Pass

The Japan Gourmet Pass is an essential tool for foodies traveling in Japan. It provides easy and convenient access to gourmet-level restaurants near local landmarks. Great places you may never find on your own.

Our Dining Partners are places where locals go regularly to enjoy a wide range of cuisines. They are foreigner-friendly, with menus you will be able to understand. All are translated into English, and sometimes into other languages as well.

Your JGP will introduce you to great dining partners that will enhance your gastronomic experience and give you access to unique and special deals reserved to our Gourmets, thanks to the free services, discounts and coupons provided with your JGP membership.

How will a Japan Gourmet Pass help me while I am in Japan?

Japan Gourmet Pass

It’s not always easy to find good restaurants near tourist spots in Japan. It is also often hard to understand the menus when you do find one.

JGP helps you enjoy a gourmet-level dining experience the Japanese way, by finding you the best places to dine within walking distance of the main tourist attractions throughout Japan. Using our Dining Partners will help you save time searching for the best restaurants and securing reservations for free in some of our most popular Dinning Partners.

Dining Partners restaurants are foreigner-friendly, with translated menus you can understand.

Our Dining Partners are proud of their food culture. They offer only the best. Experience real Japanese hospitality: OMOTENASHI.

During your trip you will enjoy many special promotions only for you. In many of our Dinning Partners, you will be given discounts, promotions and free reservation service. It’s worth getting your membership as it pays off just for the savings alone.

That is why you need to get your Japan Gourmet Pass: You will save time and money while enjoying wonderful culinary experiences.