Cookies Policy

How cookies work to improve your experience:

Cookies are very low data text files that are saved to your device, enabling you to: experience smooth browsing, avoid the need for logging in with each visit, share web pages via social media, get a faster, personalized browsing experience. We use cookies to: keep improving our website, learn your product preferences. We will NEVER use cookies to: save your personal information, gather any sensitive data, transfer information about you to others.

More about the cookies we use:

If your software settings allow cookies, this is taken as implicit consent on your part. You are able to delete our cookies at any time, but you will notice that the website no longer functions as well as it did before. Why we need to use cookies: they make it possible for you to use the checkout, they show us when you are logged in, they remember how your search settings work, they tell us if you have accepted terms and conditions of service, they help you to return to recently visited pages, they modify the content to match your requirements. Cookies are installed automatically when you use our website.

Third party functions:

A YouTube video is an example of a third party function that is enabled using cookies. We use the following third party cookies: social media cookies allow you to like or share our pages on your favorite social media sites. Privacy settings for these depend on your social media privacy settings and the social media sites you choose, anonymous visitor statistics cookies help us to see how many people have visited our site and what kind of device was used to do so. We can see if the site worked well with their device, as well as the pages they visited and the time spent viewing our website, these analytics help us to see how you found us and whether you have visited our website several time or are doing so for the first time. This information helps us to improve our website.

What if you want to turn off cookies?

We have no invasive cookies on our website, but some websites may have invasive cookies that seek information you wouldn’t want to share. Rather than turning off cookies, ensure that you have good spyware protection that will block these cookies.