Frequently Asked Questions

The Japan Gourmet Pass is an essential tool for foodies traveling in Japan. It provides easy and convenient access to gourmet-level restaurants near local landmarks. Great places you may never find on your own. 

Our Dining Partners are places where locals go regularly to enjoy a wide range of cuisines. They are foreigner-friendly, with menus you will be able to understand. All are translated into English, and sometimes into other languages as well. 

Your JGP will enable you to have an unforgettable gastronomic experience while saving time and geting the best value of your money, thanks to its accurate selection of restaurants, user fiendly APP & web and free reservation service, offered by many of our Dining Partners.

It’s not always easy to find good restaurants near tourist spots in Japan. It is also often hard to understand the menus when you do find one.

Japan Gourmet Pass will help you select the most excellent Japanese cuisine. You will easily find wonderful restaurants, places known only to those who live in the area. And they are close to major tourist centers throughout Japan. Save time when looking for the best restaurants. And save time by using our free reservation service.

Dining Partners restaurants are foreigner-friendly, with translated menus you can understand.

Our Dining Partners are proud of their food culture. They offer only the best. Experience real Japanese hospitality: OMOTENASHI.

During your trip you will enjoy Special Free Reservation Service

That is why you need to get your Japan Gourmet Pass : You will save time and money while enjoying wonderful culinary experiences.

In case of free reservation service, additional people without a valid JGP will be charged with the current reservation fee.

When registering on our website, include the names, dates, and email of your family, friends, or group correctly. They will receive an email with all the information they need for their membership.

There are several options depending on the number of days you want to spend in Japan and enjoy our selection of restaurants and offers. They range from a few days' pass to an annual subscription. Visit our website and buy the one that best suits your needs. Make sure that the start date coincides with your stay in Japan.

You can change the valid start date of your membership up to 24 hours before it begins.

Some of our Dining Partners are so popular that you need to book in advance. We provide this service for free to all JGP holders. 

To enjoy our free reservation service, you must register a valid credit card associated with Paypal or register your Paypal account directly. 

In the event that you do not show up or you arrive more than half an hour late, the average price per person that appears in the restaurant profile will be charged a fee multiplied by the number of people in the reservation. 

In the event that all the people in the reservation do not attend, the price proportional to the missing reservations will be charged. 

Please note that the reservation of any person without valid JGP is not free, and the corresponding charge will be made according to the rate in force at the time.

Credit Card and PayPal.

When checking out, insert your referral code, and your discount will be applied.

Only one coupon can be used on each JPG purchase.

No, the JGP is an individual membership belonging only to you.

If a Dining Partner listed on our website closes their business while your JGP is valid, we will deactivate that Dining Partner as soon as we receive the notification of closure.

We encourage members to review the JGP experience after visiting Partners.

An easy online tool allows you to leave a review of any Partner inside their profile at . We will ask you to rate the partner between one and five stars for four different characteristics. After that, you can write a review. Our team will moderate all reviews.

Simply renew your membership on the JGP website.

You will find our Terms of Sale and Terms of Use on our website.

Email us at . We will respond as soon as possible.

To benefit from the referral promotion, enter your coupon code when ordering your JGP.

The coupon will be not valid.

Our Dinning Partners are so popular that they cannot provide extra services. Many times, they have a very good price-quality ratio or they are extremely popular that it would be a comparative offense for other customers to give some preference. In that case, if possible we provide free reservation service for our Gourmets (which in Japan this service starts from ¥500 to ¥3,000 per person).

Despite everything, some well-known and reasonably priced types of shops such as ramen, soba tonkatsu, etc. shops, do not accept reservations, and customers will often have to wait to enter. In such as case, as far as possible, we provide information on the usual waiting time and the hours when they are most accessible.

In such case, we indicate this in the restaurant description, along with the best time to go and the average waiting time. But keep in mind that if it appears on our list, it is worthy your time to go.