Terms of sale

Article 1 – Preamble

The conditions presented exclusively govern the contractual relationship between the User (hereafter referred to as “The Gourmet” or “Purchaser”) and the trader, Japan Gourmet Pass.

The website www.japangourmetpass.com sells the Japan Gourmet Pass which can be used at selected restaurant and any other venue partners. Japan Gourmet Pass is currently available on the Japan Gourmet Pass website (see article 3 – Use of the online service www.japangourmetpass.com).

The Japan Gourmet Pass: all products sold on the website www.japangourmetpass.com Customer service and support are available and can be reached via email on the address: support@japangourmetpass.com

Article 2 – Definitions

The terms defined below have the following meanings in these Terms of Use:

  • The Japan Gourmet Pass: all products sold on the website www.japangourmetpass.com.
  • The Gourmet: any member of the Japan Gourmet Pass website who has ordered a Japan Gourmet Pass.
  • Restaurant partners or Dining Partners and venues other than restaurants: Restaurants and other venues are carefully selected by Japan Gourmet pass. Each is listed in our web page or has signed a partnership contract with Japan Gourmet Pass.
  • The website/JapanGourmetpass.com: refers to the website https://www.japangourmetpass.com

Article 3 – Products

The products offered and the standards applicable for Japan Gourmet Pass are in keeping with local legislation of the company ownership. Japan Gourmet Pass will make every effort to accurately portray the products offered for sale. Each product comes with a precise, written description, describing its specifications.

3.1 The Japan Gourmet Pass

The Stone Soups, Inc. sells the following product through its website (www.japangourmetpass.com), which differs on the valid days of membership: from a given day to 1 year.

The holder of a Japan Gourmet Pass is entitled to obtain the benefit specified in the profile of the Dining Partner as shown on the website.

The restaurants and other venues’ sales conditions are available on the partners’ page on the website www.japangourmetpass.com

The list of carefully selected restaurants, or Dining Partners, is available at https://www.japangourmetpass.com. This Dining Partners list changes periodically as establishments are added or removed from the Japan Gourmet Pass site selection.

The Japan Gourmet Pass can only be used as many times as desired during the validity of the same.

Japan Gourmet Pass will be automatically activated after the chosen date you placed during your purchase.

Article 4 – Pricing conditions

The price of our products includes all taxes.

We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time. Your invoice will reflect the price listed at the time of your registration.

For current pricing, please view the Japan Gourmet Pass product page.

Article 5 – Ordering

The Japan Gourmet Pass can be ordered on the website www.japangourmetpass.com. The order process comprises a five-step process:

  • (1) The internet user creates an account to become a gourmet (see article 3 of Terms of Use – Use of the online service www.JapanGourmetPass.com) or log in if you are already a member using your login and password.
  • (2) The Gourmet selects the product that he/she wishes to order.
  • (3) The Gourmet provides his/her delivery address, verifies the order details, and accepts the General Sales Conditions.
  • (4) The Gourmet selects his/her preferred method of payment from the list of payment methods accepted by Japan Gourmet Pass (see article 6 – Terms of payment).
  • (5) The Gourmet makes the payment.
  • The order is validated by the Japan Gourmet Pass once payment confirmation has been received.

A confirmation of order will be sent to the email address indicated during the creation of your account. The order confirmation email will specify:

  • (1) The purchaser’s name
  • (2) Order number
  • (3) The summary of purchased products

Article 6 – Terms of Payment

The member can buy Japan Gourmet Pass online on the website www.JapanGourmetPass.com. An email will be sent to the member within a few hours after the confirmation of payment to confirm the payment received and certifying the purchase of the product.

The Japan Gourmet Pass has no cash value and cannot be resold.

6.1 Japan Gourmet Pass Payment

A single payment for each Japan Gourmet Pass.

Article 7 – Delivery

Japan Gourmet Pass orders will be delivered through email within a maximum of 24 hours after receiving confirmation of payment. Japan Gourmet Pass is free of any delivery fee.

7.1 Place of delivery

Japan Gourmet Pass and its reservations are delivered to the email address indicated in your order.

7.2 Delivery fees

Japan Gourmet Pass is free of any delivery fee.

Article 8 – Payment online

8.1 Payment by credit card

The following credit cards are accepted: Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and JCB®. The Gourmet's account will be debited according to the terms and conditions of the purchaser’s credit card provider. The order will be formalized upon receipt of payment. All transactions will be subject to privacy protection and will be protected using the SSL encryption protocol.

Japan Gourmet Pass and the website www.JapanGourmetPass.com has no access to banking or credit card details and does not keep them on its servers. They will be requested for every new transaction a member makes on the website.

8.2 Payment by Paypal®

Gourmets have the option of using PayPal® as a method of payment. To do this, the member must have a PayPal® account. He or she will receive the Japan Gourmet Pass Paypal® ID to finalize the transaction.

All purchase transactions are conducted in accordance with the confidential and secure process provided by Paypal®.

8.3 Payment by Bitcoin

We accept Bitcoin as a valid currency for transactions with Japan Gourmet Pass.

8.4 Payment by Bank Wire Transfer

We accept Bank Wire Transfer for payment amounts bigger than USD 450.00

Article 9 – Availability

Japan Gourmet Pass are accessible for purchase on the Japan Gourmet Pass website and official distributors and are subject to stock availability.

In the event that the product should be unavailable, the purchaser (Gourmet) will be informed via email.

The Gourmet must verify his or her acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable to Japan Gourmet Pass. Japan Gourmet Pass will not act on complaints related to any terms of service that are following the specifications given.

Article 10 – Refund Conditions

Payments for Japan Gourmet Pass are not refundable, either in full or in part.