Terms of use

Article 1 – Preamble

The conditions presented govern the contractual relationship between the User (hereafter referred to as Gourmet) and the trader, Japan Gourmet Pass, also referred to as “Gourmet Pass.”

Japan Gourmet Pass and www.JapanGourmetPass.com are services belonging to the Gourmet Pass business:

1049 El Monte Avenue Ste C #632
Mountain View, CA 94040
United States

The Japan Gourmet Pass service can be reached via email at the address: support@japangourmetpass.com

Article 2 – Definition

The terms applied to the Terms of Use are defined below:

  • The Japan Gourmet Pass: all products sold on the website www.japangourmetpass.com.
  • The Gourmet a member who has ordered a Japan Gourmet Pass.
  • Partners Restaurants and other establishments have been carefully selected by the Japan Gourmet Pass team.
  • The Website https://www.japangourmetpass.com/
  • The Japan Gourmet Pass Package: offers presented in the Japan Gourmet Pass.

Article 3 – Products

The products from Dining Partners are offered in compliance with local legislation and standards of Japan Gourmet Pass business location. Japan Gourmet Pass will make every effort to ensure that photographs are true representations of the products offered for sale. Each product comes with a precise description of what the gourmet will receive.

3.1 The Japan Gourmet Pass
Stone Soups, Inc. offers the Japan Gourmet Pass through its website. The Japan Gourmet Pass is valid from a given day to 1 year, depending on the selected validity period.

Japan Gourmet Pass gives their holders many benefits and unlimited free reservation service with many of our Dining Partners. The pass can be used at unlimited number of times during it´s validity.

The benefits given to Japan Gourmet Pass holders only applies to the holder and does not apply to other travelers.

Japan Gourmet Pass will be automatically activated on the desired starting date chosen during your purchase.

Article 4 – Use of the online service www.JapanGourmetPass.com

To use a Japan Gourmet Pass, the internet user must create an account on the website www.JapanGourmetPass.com.

To sign up, the internet user must provide the following information: last name, first name, email address, zip code, phone number. The account is password protected, and all information will be treated as confidential. Users have the right to modify the information on their Japan Gourmet Pass profiles.

All accounts are subject to the Terms of Use provided and must be accepted prior to account activation. Once a subscription has been validated, Japan Gourmet Pass will send a confirmation email to the User. The User must check if the subscription details are correct before any orders are placed.

Should any Japan Gourmet Pass member fail to abide by the Terms of Use, or should any serious irregularity occur, Japan Gourmet Pass reserves the right to suspend Japan Gourmet Pass membership forthwith. Japan Gourmet Pass accepts no liability following cancellation or suspension of memberships.

Article 5 – Terms of use

5.1 Registering the Japan Gourmet Pass
For the first use of the Japan Gourmet Pass, the member must register on the website www.JapanGourmetPass.com. To do this, the member must:

(1) Create an account on www.JapanGourmetPass.com or log in if already registered as a member;
(2) Go to the “My Account” page on the website (available at https://www.japangourmetpass.com)
5.2 Use of the Japan Gourmet Pass
In order to use the Japan Gourmet Pass, in the case of a free reservation, the Gourmet must be in possession of a valid JGP. The reservation for other companions or travelers without a valid JGP will have an additional cost that will be applied based on the current rate (see Terms and Conditions of Reservations). All transactions must be completed online with the relevant conditions applicable to the holder of Japan Gourmet Pass.

Article 6 – Terms of Booking

See Reservation Terms & Conditions

Article 7 – Partners Information

Japan Gourmet Pass will not be responsible for any variances between actual product and service offerings and those advertised on its website.

Article 8 – Failure to honor promotions or reservations.

In the event that a Partner does not comply with the promotions or reservation established with Japan Gourmet Pass under the announced Terms and Conditions, the Gourmet may report the incident to Japan Gourmet Pass. If, after an inquiry, no justifiable reason for not complying with the promotion is identified, the agreement between Japan Gourmet Pass and the partner involved may be canceled immediately. Returns or claims to Japan Gourmet Pass are not accepted either by the Partner or the Gourmet.

Article 9 – Properties and Rights

The design and content of this website is the exclusive intellectual property of Japan Gourmet Pass. All information is intended for private use only. The user may not represent, reproduce, or modify content without authorization from Japan Gourmet Pass.

Any unauthorized use or modification of content will be regarded as an infringement of copyright and/or trademark law and will be regarded as a criminal offense. All relevant terms and conditions, with the exception of those relevant to partnership agreements, are available on the website www.japangourmetpass.com.

Should the user attempt to wrongfully exploit Japan Gourmet Pass membership, Japan Gourmet Pass reserves the right to claim compensation for damages.

Article 10 – Extended Warranty

Japan Gourmet Pass will make every effort to ensure continuity of service, however, scheduled maintenance may be carried out from time to time. Access to the website and its service are provided on a service basis « as is.» Japan Gourmet Pass does not offer any guarantee or warranty and will not be held liable for the actions of any of its members. Japan Gourmet Pass is committed to offering service excellence and will operate in accordance with the needs of its users whenever possible.

Japan Gourmet Pass is not liable for the wrongful use of its service or any misconduct on the part of users. Users will be solely responsible for any damages or claims against them, be they judicial or extra-judicial.

Japan Gourmet Pass reserves the right to modify the General Sales Conditions of the website www.japangourmetpass.com or any of the services offered at any time it is deemed necessary and with immediate effect.

Use of Japan Gourmet Pass services indicates that members have accepted the Japan Gourmet Pass Terms and Conditions of Use and are subject to its contractual obligations. Should they not be satisfied with the terms of service, they should discontinue membership forthwith.

Article 11 – Applicable law and jurisdiction

The General Sales Conditions are subject to, and in accordance with, Japan Gourmet Pass legislation of the company country of inscription. Should users at any time be dissatisfied with the legality or conduct of Japan Gourmet Pass, such issues may be addressed to Japan Gourmet Pass country of inscription under the local law.

Article 12 – Cookies

Japan Gourmet Pass and/or business partners uses cookies on this platform. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer’s browser. Cookies help Japan Gourmet Pass to arrange content to match your preferred interests more quickly. These Cookies never contain your identity or personal information. Should you disable Cookies by altering your browser settings, Japan Gourmet Pass cannot guarantee optimal performance of the website www.japangourmetpass.com.