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    How does the JGP work?

    1. You select the restaurant where you want to dine.

    2. If you want to use our free reservation service, just make them on the restaurants profile accepting them.

    3. When you arrive at the chosen restaurant:

    • If you made a reservation through us just say your name at the entrance. Nothing else is required.
    • If the restaurant also has a special promotion, in this case let them know you come from Japan Gourmet Pass, show the Japan Gourmet Pass identification or the restaurant profile where the promotion stands out in our website. Remember, the special promotion only applies to Japan Gourmet Pass active-members, anyone else is not included.
    • If you did not make a reservation through us, there is no special promotion or discount. You do not need to show your JGP identification. Just go there and enjoy the food. All our Dining Partners have been carefully selected for you to enjoy the experience.

    4. If the Dining Partner restaurant has a promotion or discount, they will validate you are an active member and apply the special promotion or discount agreed on that specific Dining Partner profile in our website.

    5. Review your experience and improve JGP information. The best reviews chosen by other Gourmets will be rewarded each month!

    6. Only if you leave reviews to the Dining Partners you visited during your trip to Japan, we will be able to surprise you at the end of the trip with the “JGP Trip Memories” gift, consisting on a file perfectly organized showing all the restaurant details you visited, your daily eating and your reviews for each of them. A memory you will keep always as part of your trip. Another reason to leave reviews, while we organize all the details for you!

    With Japan Gourmet Pass, in a simple and comfortable way, enjoy your trip to Japan and get the most of their worldwide acclaimed gastronomy!!!