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Aje Matsubara Honten アジェ 松原本店

Aje Matsubara Honten / アジェ 松原本店

Aje Matsubara Honten is the original restaurant of a small chain of yakiniku and hormon with 7 restaurants in different prefectures of Japan, including Kanazawa and Osaka. It is an old neighborhood place that's very popular, specialized in hormones and always fresh from the day in perfect condition. They recommend ordering it only with salt to better appreciate its flavor but there is also an option with sauce. Of course, you can order the typical cuts of yakiniku, harami (entraa) and boneless r ... ibs (karubi). Famous for "hoso" small intestine, yellow dock, and harami. The kimchi follows the original homemade recipe inherited from Korea, with deep flavor and a good balance of spice and this can be purchased online and to go. It is one of those old, unpretentious places where everything is good. It is difficult to ventilate so there is usually a lot of smoke. Usually, there are people waiting before opening especially on weekends.


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    dinner ¥4,000
  • Menu Translated in
    Chinese, English, Korean
  • Capacity
    30 Seats
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From: 18:00 (Weekends & holidays 16:00)
To: 23:00
Last Order: 22:30
Avg Queue Time: Long lines on weekends
Closed: Wednesday, Thursday.