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¥1,500 ¥1,500

Authentic  オーセンティック

Authentic  / オーセンティック

Authentic is a great little hamburger. They have about 15 different types of burgers. Due to the burgers' large volume and height (about 20 cm), they must be placed on a specially designed paper to facilitate the "bite". The most popular is avocado, with the intense flavor of the hamburger that's well accompanied by the rest of the ingredients and broccoli. Surprisingly, the sweetness and texture of this vegetable goes wonderfully with burgers. They also have a beer called Bitgurger, that is def ... initely a perfect pair for burgers. A very famous gourmet hamburger located in the Akasaka area between Tameikesanno and Roppongi Itchome. Followed hours only on weekends and public holidays.


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    lunch ¥1,500, dinner ¥1,500
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    22 Seats
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