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Bubutei ぶぶ亭 阪急三番街店

Bubutei  / ぶぶ亭 阪急三番街店

Bubutei is a Takoyaki restaurant that offers Japanese buñuelos with octopus, located on the underground level B2 of the Hankyu Sanban Gai shopping center. It only one minute away from the Umeda station. It is a modern place with space inside. This restaurant specializes in Octopus Takoyaki, Akashiyaki and Takoyaki gratin. Takoyakis are served in eight-piece servings with okonomiyaki sauce or mayonnaise. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Akashiyakis are also octopus but have ... a softer texture because the dough is egg-based. They are dipped in a delicious dashi soup before eating. Also in servings of eight pieces. The gratin takoyaki does not have octopus but has salami inside. They are served with a large quantity of cheese sauce. There are four pieces per serving. The price is very cheap and the service is fast. Note: The gratin takoyaki takes longer time because they are freshly baked upon request.


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    lunch ¥600, dinner ¥600
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    45 Seats
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