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Dharmasagara ダルマサーガラ

Dharmasagara / ダルマサーガラ

Dharmasagara offers high-quality South Indian cuisine. They offer healthy food with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and they use only fresh spices and limited oil or salt. Recently, they were included in the prestigious Micheline guide. At noon there are fantastic sets for less than ¥1,000. They offer very good value for the money. We recommend you use the Japan Gourmet Pass free reservation service. NOTE: At lunchtime, only cash payment is accepted.




From: 11:30
To: 15:00
Last Order: 14:00
Avg Queue Time: -
Closed: Wednesday.


From: 17:00
To: 22:00
Last Order: 21:00
Avg Queue Time: -
Closed: Wednesday.

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