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¥1,000 ¥1,000

Gohandokoro Yaosada ごはん処 矢尾定

Gohandokoro Yaosada / ごはん処 矢尾定

Gohandokoro Yaosada is an excellent restaurant serving typical Kyoto-style dishes, daily lunch and dinner sets. Built in an old machiya, it offers a wide range of menu sets based on a wide variety of grilled or boiled fish; rice bowl-based sets with garnish on top (don) or Chirasi sushi (vinegar rice bowl with fish, vegetables and tortilla strips). At night there are more complete menus with udon, tempura, eel etc. and there are also simple menus. Traditional Kyoto style food restaurant, present ... ed with care and exceptional quality for such an economical price. It is a very popular place with locals, so you may have to share a table. Located in the Shijo area.


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    lunch ¥1,000, dinner ¥1,000
  • Menu Translated in
  • Capacity
    57 Seats
  • Payment Systems
    Cash, Credit card
  • Features
    Free reservation
    Optional reservation. At least 48 hours in advance. Cancellation: at least 24 hours in advance.



From: 11:00
To: 14:00
Last Order: 14:00
Avg Queue Time: Queues at rush hour
Closed: Miércoles.


From: 17:30
To: 20:00
Last Order: 20:00
Avg Queue Time: Queues at rush hour
Closed: Wednesday.