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Gyu Motsunabe Yoshifuji 牛もつ鍋 よし藤 浅草店

Gyu Motsunabe Yoshifuji / 牛もつ鍋 よし藤 浅草店

Traditional cow hot-pot from Hakata (Fukuoka-Kyushu) in the Tokyo area of Asakusa. Based on soy sauce flavored soup, it is a mysterious secret that blends three kinds of miso. Each of them have rich flavors, but when blended they end in a subtle deep taste. “Yoshi Fuji” has its own style hot-pot in which you cook by yourself the carefully selected parts of cow, fish, and veggies. Dishes are accompanied with regional sake, including, of course, many from Fukuoka. This is an old style Japanese ... house. It’s great for large groups, families, couples or only you!




From: 17:15
To: 22:30
Last Order: 21:45 (Drinks 22:00)
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Closed: Tuesday.