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Honke Daiichi Asahi Takabashi Honten 本家 第一旭 たかばし本店

Honke Daiichi Asahi Takabashi Honten / 本家 第一旭 たかばし本店

The restaurant has been open since 1947, and it is the most popular Ramen shop in Kyoto. It offers Showa’s (post-war) nostalgic atmosphere. The store is open from 05:00 until 02:00 in the morning, it is better to avoid lunchtime if you don’t want to wait too much. They use only high-quality local products. They offer Chutaikan pork (female over 120 kg), without much fat, which produces a very aromatic and light soup. They make noodles by hand with select mixtures of flour, salt, and water. T ... hey use green Kujo onions, local Fushimi Shoyu (famous for its excellent water), and Kyoto bean sprouts, crispy and fresh. We recommend their special Ramen for ¥650, with an extra portion for ¥850 or a mini portion for only ¥500. The shop is located less than five minutes from Kyoto Central Station.


  • Type of Food
    Gyoza, Ramen
  • Prices
    lunch ¥500, dinner ¥500
  • Menu Translated in
    English, Korean, Chinese
  • Capacity
    31 Seats
  • Payment Systems
  • Features



From: 06:00
To: 14:30
Last Order: 14:30
Avg Queue Time: From 60 minutes during lunch time
Closed: Thursday.


From: 14:30
To: 01:00
Last Order: 01:00
Avg Queue Time:
Closed: Thursday.