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¥2,000 ¥8,000

Karen Kagoshima branch 華蓮 鹿児島店

Karen Kagoshima branch / 華蓮 鹿児島店

Karen Kagoshima, is a Kagoshima meat restaurant. In fact, it belongs to the Kagoshima Prefecture and tries to promote the excellent agricultural products of the area, specifically the Kurobuta and Kuroushi (pork and black beef) with the Kagoshima designation of origin. They have restaurants also in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo. The best way to taste this meat is in Shabu Shabu (pork or beef) or in Seiro Mushi, a Japanese technique of steaming in a bamboo basket where a pure flavor is achieved, free ... of interference. Sirloin steak is also very popular. Kagoshima is also very famous for its shochu, potato liqueur, good to match its meat. We recommend any dish on the menu with soba, 100% buckwheat noodles, full of flavor and aroma. Relaxed Japanese style atmosphere. If you travel to Kagoshima and want to try the local meat this is a great place, at reasonable prices.


  • Type of Food
    Shabu-Shabu / Sukiyaki
  • Prices
    lunch ¥2,000, dinner ¥8,000
  • Menu Translated in
  • Capacity
    200 Seats
  • Payment Systems
    Cash, Credit card
  • Features
    Free reservation
    Optional reservation. For a weekend recommended one month in advance, week days a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Cancellation: at least 24 hours in advance.



From: 11:00
To: 14:00
Last Order: 13:30
Avg Queue Time: Usually full with reservations
Closed: 3rd Sunday.


From: 17:30
To: 23:00 (Sunday & public holidays 22:00)
Last Order: 22:00 (Sunday & public holidays 21:00)
Avg Queue Time: Usually full with reservations
Closed: 3rd Sunday.