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¥1,000 ¥1,200

Katsu Issen Minami Sanjo 回転すし 活一鮮 南3条店

Katsu Issen Minami Sanjo / 回転すし 活一鮮 南3条店

Katsuissen Minamisanjyo is a sushi-go-round with much higher quality than a normal kaiten sushi. It belongs to a small chain of local sea food izakayas, allowing them to buy top fresh fish at good prices. It is an unusual Kaiten Sushi because most customers do not wait to take their dishes on the conveyor belt. Instead, they can directly order their preference to the chef. This is certainly a plus of quality rarely seen by default on a kaiten sushi. From the menu, we recommend "Oyako Salmon", th ... eir signature dish: (parents and sons) salmon and its roe. Delicious extra fatty salmon with the crunchy texture and evolving flavor of the roe. Also, the "Hon Maguro Jo Akami" being the lean red part of premium tuna. Amazing quality for a kaiten sushi. It is located at the basement of the Norbesa shopping mall.


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    lunch ¥1,000, dinner ¥1,200
  • Menu Translated in
    Chinese, English, Korean
  • Capacity
    44 Seats
  • Payment Systems
    Cash, Credit card
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From: 11:00
To: 15:00
Last Order: 14:30
Avg Queue Time: Around 10 minutes
Closed: Open every day.


From: 16:30 (Weekend & public holidays 14:30)
To: 23:00
Last Order: 22:30
Avg Queue Time: Around 15 minutes
Closed: Open every day.