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¥2,900 ¥2,900

Kawataro Yobuko shop 河太郎 呼子店

Kawataro Yobuko shop / 河太郎 呼子店

Kawataru Yobuko Shop is a restaurant whose speciality is "Ikizukuri" style squid, typical of Saga Prefecture, "ikizukuri" literally "prepared while alive" is actually prepared fresh from the fish tank and slaughtered on the spot. It is a large restaurant with tables around a large central pool where live squids are. Sashimi from freshly slaughtered squid is transparent, firm in texture, crisp to chew and slightly sweet. The feeling is extraordinary. Under normal conditions, the meat immediately ... turns white and the texture loses firmness. While you eat it you can see how the legs are still moving, which proves its freshness. After a while, if you want, they prepare the legs in tempura or roasted with salt, which is a nice contrast to the sashimi. It can be ordered with a rice set, miso soup and pickles or as an individual dish. There is also the entire repertoire of fish and seafood dishes caught in the Genkai sea in front of the restaurant. It is a very popular restaurant where you can enjoy this local specialty.


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    lunch ¥2,900, dinner ¥2,900
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    130 Seats
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From: 11:00 (Weekends & public holidays 10:30)
To: 14:30
Last Order: 14:30
Avg Queue Time: About 2 hours
Closed: New year, Obon (around the second week of August).


From: 14:30
To: 20:30
Last Order: 19:00
Avg Queue Time: About 2 hours. Less after 16:00
Closed: New year, Obon (around the second week of August).

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