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Meiji No Yakata 明治の館

Meiji No Yakata / 明治の館

With over five decades of rich history, Meiji-no-Yakata stands as an iconic restaurant offering an exquisite fusion of Western culinary delights and local specialties. Among its renowned dishes, the omu-rice and the Japanese hamburger-style creations are true classics, complemented by an array of other delectable options. Garnering favor among both locals and an increasing number of foreign visitors to Nikko in recent years, this establishment has become a culinary destination. Exuding an und ... eniable sense of style, the restaurant boasts an expansive garden that provides an enchanting backdrop for not only enjoying a sumptuous meal but also indulging in delightful cheesecake desserts. With the capacity to accommodate around 100 guests, including tour groups, Meiji-no-Yakata provides a spacious and inviting environment. Given that Nikko is a town where uncovering exceptional cuisine can prove challenging, Meiji-no-Yakata emerges as an exceptional choice. Its enduring legacy and commitment to culinary excellence make it a prime destination for savoring an unforgettable dining experience.




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