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Moyan Curry Dinning もうやんカレー 大忍具

Moyan Curry Dinning / もうやんカレー 大忍具

Moyan Curry Dining, a healthy curry restaurant that contains no chemical additives or flours, features three times more vegetables than regular curry, and offers vegan and gluten-free options. The owner, a former coach deeply concerned about healthy eating, presents a low-calorie curry made with natural ingredients. During lunchtime, they offer a buffet-style lunch menu, while in the evenings, they serve tapas-style dishes or fixed all-you-can-eat and drink menus, perfect for gatherings with ... friends. The curry is prepared using medicinal herbs and around 23 different types of spices. The production process takes about two weeks, and despite that, they strive to maintain reasonably affordable prices. The curry is light and its deep flavor reflects the lengthy preparation period. The restaurant is usually quite busy, and in the evenings, it hosts numerous groups of friends and nearby office workers in a relaxed atmosphere. Excellent curry that is both healthy and suitable for celiacs and vegans




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