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Nishijin Hatsuki 西新初喜 本店

Nishijin Hatsuki / 西新初喜 本店

Nishijin Hatsuki was founded in 1934 as a butcher (one of the first in Fukuoka). Today this restaurant is dedicated to meat in all its forms and is named after its founding father, Hatsuki. It uses only high quality meat sourced from indigenous Kyushu cows and pigs, the first floor is a butcher-yakiniku, the second floor is a shabu shabu, sukiyaki and the third floor is dedicated to stews. They use cows and pigs with local designations of origin: Imari beef the most famous with highly infiltrate ... d tender meat, excellent umami and slightly sweet. Also, Japanese beef from Saga and Hakata all of the highest A5 rank. They use black pork called Yabakei. Excellent value for money for this category of meat. Everyone in Fukuoka knows this restaurant, very popular with Japanese and tourists. Book at least 3 days in advance.




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