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Okonomiyaki Koshida お好み焼き 越田 本店

Okonomiyaki Koshida / お好み焼き 越田 本店

This restaurant opened in 1958, and now it is run by the third generation. It is a classic okonomiyaki shop in Hiroshima. Their iron-plate has been there since their opening, and the owner considers it crucial because of the way it keeps the heat is different than modern iron-plates. They perfected their recipe through the years, which has elevated the simple okonomiyaki dish to something more. A simple example of their method is the way they choose their ingredients and how they cook each of th ... em for longer or shorter times, depending on the season (because the humidity). Koshida has been awarded several times and it definitely is not only one of the best okonomiyaki shops in Hiroshima, which is not easy considering there are more than 1700 shops doing the same dish, but it is also part of the dish’s history as well. Japan Gourmet Pass recommends this shop to its members.


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    dinner ¥1,200
  • Menu Translated in
    English, Korean, Chinese
  • Capacity
    34 Seats
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From: 18:00
To: 03:00
Last Order: 02:30
Avg Queue Time: From 15 minutes during peak hours
Closed: Sunday & irregular days.