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Ramen Touhichi らぁ麺とうひち

Ramen Touhichi / らぁ麺とうひち

If you are a Ramen lover, then don’t miss this restaurant. Their specialty is chicken Ramen with soy sauce. The key to its success is the quality of the ingredients selected from all over Japan: Nagoya chicken, original Tokyo Shoyu mix, and noodles with the best Hokkaido flour. They don’t use any chemical additives. The most popular dishes are: 1. Shoyu Chicken Ramen, 2. Tsukesoba, 3. Dry Sardine Ramen (which uses six types of sardines), 4. Chicken Char Siu with rice, and 5. Chicken karage.


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    lunch ¥750, dinner ¥750
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    15 Seats
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