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Ryu Sushi 龍寿司

Ryu Sushi / 龍寿司

Ryu Sushi is a sushi restaurant located within the Toyosu Market. Specifically on the third floor of the seventh block. It was in the Tsukiji market until it moved to its present location. It used to be a restaurant for market workers although now it is open to everyone. Here you will find authentic and traditional Edomae style sushi. The fresh produce added to the expertise of the cooks results in a sensational meal. It is only open in the morning until noon. You can taste a wide range of sashi ... mi or various combinations with makis and nigiris. It also has several kaisendon, a bowl of rice with fish, such as maguro-don (with tuna) or anago-don (with conger eel). You can't make a reservation but not to worry the queues are not long. Tip: Try the large conger nigiri that you will only find here.


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    lunch ¥3,000
  • Menu Translated in
  • Capacity
    12 Seats
  • Payment Systems
  • Features
    Free reservation
    Optional reservation. At least 48 hours in advance. Cancellation: at least 24 hours in advance.



From: 06:30
To: 14:30
Last Order: 14:00
Avg Queue Time: About 15 minutes after 10:00
Closed: Sunday & public holidays.