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Takohachi Umeda たこ八 梅地下店

Takohachi Umeda  / たこ八 梅地下店

Takohachi Umeda, belongs to a well-known Osaka takoyaki chain whose headquarters are in Dotonbori tourism. Born in 1979, this chain tries to elaborate the typical Osaka traditional Takoyaki. They started to evolve after the war, in the 1950s, from Kobe's akashiyaki, (takoyaki ball in fish soup). In Osaka, takoyaki seasoned in the okonomiyaki style began to become popular, with sweet dark sauce, mayonnaise, red ginger and bonito flakes. In Takohachi they take special care of the dough, made with ... a special mixture of 3 types of wheat flour and yam flour (type of sweet potato). They only use large octopuses because they think they are juicier. They have practically the entire repertoire of Osaka street food on their menu: asahiyaki, okonomiyaki, negiyaki, ikayaki and yakisoba, although they are famous for their takoyaki. They offer the minimum serving of 5 takoyaki for just 375 yen and numerous combination and drink sets, such as the high ball (popular whiskey with soda). There are numerous locations in Osaka, also branches, in other parts of Japan. The Umeda branch is located in the Whity Umeda Shopping Mall underground shopping and dining area.




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