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Tamaya 玉屋

Tamaya / 玉屋

Takoyaki Tamaya is an impressive takoyaki with three restaurants in Osaka. Its owner, who studied cooking in Paris, has expanded the culinary space of the traditional takoyaki. To start, he makes his doughs with different broths: lobster, chicken, pork bone, vegetables ... etc. Features an impressive range of toppings and toppings: garlic, soy sauce, curry, mayonnaise, nori (seaweed), bonito powder, bell pepper, mustard mayonnaise, tenkutsu (tempura crumbs), bonja flower, melted cheese, green on ... ions, spiced nori, rock salt with mayonnaise (very popular). A whole repertoire of flavors around takoyaki, with a careful presentation. For the curious we recommend the set with 8 different types of takoyaki. The goal is to increase the popularity of takoyaki outside of Osaka, and elevate it to the rank of ramen. The concept is to treat takoyaki as a popular gourmet product. It is located near the Tenjinbashisuji Rokuchome station.


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