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Tenpei Kita Shinchi Honten 天平 北新地本店 (テンペイ)

Tenpei Kita Shinchi Honten / 天平 北新地本店 (テンペイ)

The shop has been open since 1950, and many Japanese enjoy a beer with gyoza after work. It is famous for inventing the "Hitokuchi Gyoza" (one-bite-gyoza). They are smaller than normal, and they are extra crispy. The gyozas are rolled up when the order is placed, which must be a minimum of 20 minutes. It is a bit far from the tourist Shinsaibashi or Namba, so there are not many foreigners. A basic menu in English and the help of the staff will be enough to enjoy a unique experience. The shop is ... located only three minutes from Kita-Shinchi station.


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    dinner ¥2,000
  • Menu Translated in
    English, Chinese
  • Capacity
    19 Seats
  • Payment Systems
  • Features



From: 17:00 (Saturday 15:00)
To: 02:00 (Saturday 01:00)
Last Order: 01:45 (Saturday 0:45)
Avg Queue Time: From 30 minutes during peak hours
Closed: Sunday & public holidays.