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Torimasa 鳥雅

Torimasa / 鳥雅

A high-end yakitori in Miyazaki City. They use only famous local chickens from local farmers. Made with refined techniques learned in the most prestigious restaurants in Tokyo. Chicken skewers start from ¥350, which is a higher price than usual but matches the quality. At Torimasa you can also try recommended specialties such as Sumibiyaki Dori (charcoal roast chicken dish - Miyazaki specialty ¥750) and Chicken Nanban (fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce ¥1,250). Even though Torimasa ... is a yakitori restaurant you can also try some of the classic dishes of izakaya Japanese gastronomy. Modern Japanese cuisine very close to the popular Kusunoki street with trees that have been there for more than a century. NOTE: Necessary to book at between 1-2 months in advance. If you can't make a reservation try for vacant tables after 21:00. There's a table charge of ¥500.


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    dinner ¥7,500
  • Menu Translated in
  • Capacity
    35 Seats
  • Payment Systems
    Cash, Credit card
  • Features
    Free reservation
    Reservation required between 1-2 months in advance.



From: 17:00 (Weekend 16:00)
To: 24:00
Last Order: 23:30
Avg Queue Time: Only with reservation
Closed: Wednesday.