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¥1,500 ¥2,000

Whoopi Goldburger Shibuya ウーピーゴールドバーガー

Whoopi Goldburger Shibuya / ウーピーゴールドバーガー

Whoopi Goldburger is one of those tiny hidden places in the crowded centers of Tokyo, with unique character and personality. Shogo and Taiji, the owners, have been friends since elementary school and play together in a music band. The place only has a counter, from where you can see the kitchen operations and a table on the terrace. The hamburgers and bread are made from a charcoal grill that gives it that characteristic flavor. The menu, by adding ingredients to the basic burger, is a lot of fu ... n with first names of famous Hollywood actors, of course. Kevin Bacon Burger or Charlotte Gainsburger. Some of their specialties are the classic "Plain burger" with teriyaki or BBQ sauce, chilli beans, smoked bacon, smoked cheese or plain, on a double or triple hamburger. Another very popular burger is garnished with mushroom and cheese sauce (5 different types of mushrooms and 3 different types of cheeses), abundant and delicious. You can choose french fries or mashed potatoes, which are also served in large portions. It's a bit hard to find, located on the back streets of the Miyamasuzaka area, about 7 minutes from the east exit of Shibuya station.


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    lunch ¥1,500, dinner ¥2,000
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    17 Seats
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    Cash, Credit card
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