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Yamazato 山里

Yamazato / 山里

Yamazato is an Izakaya (Japanese style tavern) specialized in Japanese soba noodles and local dishes from the Nagano region, also known as Shinshu. The restaurant uses local products, such as vegetable, fish and meat, giving a touch of freshness and high quality to their dishes, and each dish's ingredients and cooking method are explained by the restaurant staff upon serving. They also have an extensive selection of local nihonshu (Japanese sake) and shochu. Most of their menu consists of local ... dishes: Shinshu salmon sashimi, grilled bandits, horse meat sashimi, rock fish bone and salt-grilled rock fish. Yamazato is frequented by locals. It is located very close to Matsumoto station. It is recomended to take a reservation for groups of over 10 people. Only part of the menu is in English because it changes often with the season.




From: 17:00
To: 23:00
Last Order: 22:30
Avg Queue Time: Around 10 minutes
Closed: Tuesday.