Ponta Honke

ぽん多本家 (ぽんたほんけ)

Tonkatsu, Croquette

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Founded in 1905, by the Grand Chef of Western cuisine of The Imperial House. They invented the Tonkatsu by evolving the Milanese or breaded pork in tempura style. The secret of Ponta Honke is to extract the fat from the fillets and use it when frying the Tonkatsu, at low temperature first and strong at the end. The butter is flavored, crispy and light with a characteristic sweetness. There are also other types of western food such as beef stew (Kurage Wagyu). Recommendation of Japan Gourmet Pass in Ueno.

Opening time:

From: 11:00am
To: 14:00pm
Last order: 13:45pm
Closed: Monday (transfer to Tuesday if public holidays on Monday)

From: 16:30pm (16:00pm Sunday and public holidays)
To: 20:00pm
Last order: 19:45pm
Closed: Monday (transfer to Tuesday if public holidays on Monday)


Price / Payment:

Average prices:
Lunch ¥3,000~
Dinner ¥3,000~

Payments system:
Cash, Credit card

Very good price-quality ratio and extremely popular.
No discount or free services. No need to show your Japan Gourmet Pass.

Free reservation

Reservation Details:
Optional reservation from 4 people. Reservation minimum 48 hours in advance. Cancellation minimum 24 hours in advance.


Menu translated in:

33 seats

Family friendly
Tatami seats
  • Ponta honke Tonkatsu Ueno entrance
  • Pontahonke Tonkatsu Ueno pioneers
  • Ponta honke Tonkatsu Ueno most popular set
  • Pontahonke Tonkatsu Ueno signature exellence
  • Ponta honke Tonkatsu Ueno good reasted pork
  • Ponta honke Tonkatsu Ueno beef stew superior
  • Pontahonke Tonkatsu Ueno nice appetizer
  • Ponta honke Tonkatsu Ueno interior

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