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Ain Soph. Journey Shinjuku アインソフ ジャーニー 新宿店

Ain Soph. Journey Shinjuku / アインソフ ジャーニー 新宿店

Ain Soph in Hebrew means infinite. This connection with nature, spirituality, and a deep relationship with the Indian culture of Yuki Shirai, the creator of this small chain of vegan restaurants, conveys the concept of a healthy, environmentally respectful proposition for all audiences. Their offering is a gourmet-level vegan menu, completely free from animal derivatives (no meat, eggs, milk, dairy derivatives, honey, etc.). In all their restaurants, there are also 'oriental vegan' options (w ... ithout garlic, onion, or strong-flavored roots) and 'gluten-free' choices for those with celiac disease. Delicious sets and à la carte options include curry, pasta, Tex-Mex dishes, vegetarian burgers, karage, pancakes, and fabulous desserts. If you're seeking to eat healthily, enjoy vegan cuisine, opt for gluten-free alternatives, and still savor flavorful meals, any of the Ain Soph restaurants in Ginza, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, or Kyoto come highly recommended.




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