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Aint Soph Ginza アインソフ 銀座

Aint Soph Ginza / アインソフ 銀座

Ain Soph Ginza. It's the first restaurant of the small chain of vegan restaurants, free from animal-derived products: no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey. They also have options for those with celiac disease, offering 'gluten-free' and 'oriental vegan' choices without strong flavors like garlic or onion. The first floor serves as a pastry café, while the second to fourth floors house the restaurant. It's the only one in the chain that offers vegan Japanese cuisine, naturally. The Fukurokuju ... Bento (traditional Japanese lunch box) is especially popular, and many sets come with delicious pancakes. Sweets are also crafted without milk or eggs, such as matcha cheesecake with soy milk cheese and tiramisu with a hint of bitterness from Japanese 'amanatsu' oranges. Located in a newly renovated 4-story building, it boasts a relaxed and modern ambiance in the east of Ginza.




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