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Asakusa Mizuguchi 食事処 酒肴 浅草 水口

Asakusa Mizuguchi / 食事処 酒肴 浅草 水口

Asakusa Mizuguchi is known for its menu and food canteen in the Asakusa district since 1950. It is a 2-storey wooden house with typical cozy post-war Showa-era atmosphere. There are small tables and tatami seats. The menu is very extensive (more than 100 types) and you can have all the dishes individually or as a set with miso soup, pickles and rice. The most popular dish is "Iri Buta" sautéed pork with onion and a simple and excellent homemade sweet and spicy sauce. Sashimi, potato salad, croq ... uettes and katsudon are also very popular. This is a place where locals and tourists alike mix. Excellent to tap into the local flavor of Asakusa during your visit to nearby Tennoji Temple.


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    lunch ¥1,000, dinner ¥2,000
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    90 Seats
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    Cash, Credit card
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