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Brown Rice by Neals' Yard Remedies Brown Rice by Neals' Yard Remedies

Brown Rice by Neals' Yard Remedies / Brown Rice by Neals' Yard Remedies

Brown Rice is an extension of the health and beauty treatments store Neals' Yard Remedies. The concept revolves around vegan, ecological, and healthy cuisine. Unprocessed products are used whenever possible, meaning whole grains such as Rice, Miso, and natural sugar. The cuisine is of Japanese style, with special focus on brown rice, which is at the heart of Japanese culinary culture. Seasonal ingredients are always employed, making the most of the very distinct four Japanese seasons. Lunch i ... s available until 5 in the afternoon, after which it becomes a coffee bar. The offerings consist of a range of seasonal sets with pickled, marinated, steamed vegetables, or vegetable curry, accompanied by delicious brown rice and miso soup. Desserts or sweets are based on tofu milk, chamomile, and an excellent selection of teas and other herbs. The restaurant is suitable for those with celiac disease and halal dietary needs. Located in the sophisticated area of Harajuku, Omotesando, it's a relaxing green oasis in the middle of the city.




From: 11:30
To: 17:00
Last Order: 17:00
Avg Queue Time: Queue in pick hour
Closed: First Tuesday of the month.


From: 18:00 (21:00 Friday & Saturday)
To: 18:00 (21:00 Friday & Saturday)
Last Order: 18:00 (21:00 Friday & Saturday)
Avg Queue Time: First Tuesday of the month
Closed: First Tuesday of the month.