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¥2,000 ¥2,000

Riz Labo Kitchen リズラボキッチン

Riz Labo Kitchen / リズラボキッチン

Riz Labo Kitchen is a café specialized in rice flour pancakes and entirely gluten-free. 'Riz' stands for rice in French. All ingredients are organic and carefully selected: free-range eggs, rice flour, whole brown sugar from Amami Oshima, soy milk instead of cow's milk, lemons from Manazuru. The rice pancakes are delicious, fluffy, and slightly moist, with a mild and light flavor. On Thursdays, they also offer crepes. The most popular pancake flavors are strawberry and matcha. Healthy, gentl ... e, and completely safe for celiacs. It avoids dairy and derivatives, using soy milk instead. It's located in a renovated old neighborhood house, on the back streets of Omotesando. The ambiance is relaxing, and you can enjoy an open terrace.


  • Type of Food
    Gluten-Free, Other
  • Prices
    lunch ¥2,000, dinner ¥2,000
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  • Capacity
    20 Seats
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  • Features
    Free reservation
    Optional reservation: Reservation minimum 48 hours advance. Cancellation minimum 24 hours in advance.



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Closed: Open every day.


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Closed: Open every day.