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Dotombori Imai Honten 道頓堀今井 本店

Dotombori Imai Honten / 道頓堀今井 本店

Located in the bustling area of Dotomburi, Imai Honten is not easy to find. It is a hidden treasure in the middle of Osaka, and it provides beautiful traditional Japanese decorations. It opened in 1946, and their specialty is the udon, soba, and oden. But they have a wide range of dishes. Other than classic lunch udon or soba bowls, you can upgrade to their courses. Their range of traditional dishes is quite impressive. The restaurant is definitely one of the best udon spots in Osaka, and it is ... worthwhile to search for it. Their daily homemade dashi soup is unique and delicious. Their signature dish is Kitsune Udon topped with fried tofu.




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