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Enishi Dan Dan Noodles 担担麺専門店 DAN DAN NOODLES ENISHI

Enishi Dan Dan Noodles / 担担麺専門店 DAN DAN NOODLES ENISHI

They offer a very unique Ramen specialty without soup. Dan Dan noodles are served with mixed nuts, spices, flavored vinegar, and you can add a different assortment of soups. It is very popular in Kobe. They have restaurants in Japan and abroad. There is no menu in English, but there is a photo-menu. If you have questions about how to eat or order, the staff will answer kindly. Season your noodles first with the assortment of vinegar you prefer, mix well, and then add the soft “onsen” egg. Th ... e meals are great to eat all year, but it is highly recommended in summer when you may do not feel like taking a super-hot Ramen.


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    lunch ¥880, dinner ¥880
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    14 Seats
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