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Ginza Kagari 銀座 篝 本店

Ginza Kagari / 銀座 篝 本店

The shop opened in 2013, and they have moved once since then. From the first year, people lined up to enjoy a bowl of their Ramen. Kagari is a modern and stylish shop in the small back streets in Ginza area. Their signature dish is the “Tori-Paitan,” considered one of the best Ramen dishes in Tokyo. You can also add interesting toppings and a range of options. A few years ago they disappeared, and many restaurants with the same name appeared around Japan imitating them. Finally, around two y ... ears ago, they reopened in another location in Ginza with the new name “Ginza Kagari.” Now, you can still enjoy the classic “Tori-paitan,” but you can get tsukemen with porcini mushrooms and other newly created dishes. NOTE: They only accept credit cards and electronic payments. This has saved lots of time as customers line up for a Ramen bowl.




From: 11:00
To: 15:30
Last Order: 15:30
Avg Queue Time: From 45 minutes.
Closed: Open every day.


From: 15:30
To: 21:30
Last Order: 21:00
Avg Queue Time: From 45 minutes.
Closed: Open every day.