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Hakata Genki Ippai 博多元気一杯!! (はかたげんきいっぱい)

Hakata Genki Ippai / 博多元気一杯!! (はかたげんきいっぱい)

This is without any doubt among the best of the “Hakata tonkotsu Ramen” style shops. They offer a soft pork bone soup, which has a battered creamy and milky appearance. “Al Dente” noodles perfectly match the soup. There are no signs indicated whether they are open, but if you see a blue bucket outside, it means they are open. It is said that if the soup of the day is not perfect, the restaurant puts the bucket back and closes. The restaurant advises that you try the soup before eating th ... e noodles or seasoning it with the famous “takana” (spicy mustard). They don’t allow talking by phone, taking photos, or asking the chef for his Ramen recipe (or simply just distracting others from their experience or interrupting their work).


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    lunch ¥1,000, dinner ¥1,000
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    15 Seats
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Closed: Open every day.