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Hakata Kawaya Suidobashi 博多かわ屋 水道橋店

Hakata Kawaya Suidobashi / 博多かわ屋 水道橋店

Hakata Kawaya is a yakitori restaurant that specializes in chicken skin. The original recipe is from Hakata, in the Kyushu area, where they cook the most delicious chicken skewers in the world. They only use the neck skin - one per chicken - which is the best part to produce the famous upper high-quality crispy chicken skin skewers. They use a process that last for six days (preparation, slow grill to remove fat, marinating, etc.) before the dish can be served. Also, they have seasonal fish and ... vegetables selected every day in the local market. Come and enjoy this secret treasure in one of the few restaurants in the world that specializes in this delicatessen.




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