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¥3,000 ¥5,000

Izariya 座屋

Izariya / 座屋

Izariya is a kappo, a style of cuisine that falls between izakaya and kaiseki, or a more informal kaiseki. It offers traditional Kochi food, with typical products from the area, local varieties of fish, vegetables and meats. The company has other restaurants in Kobe, Ginza and Madrid all with the same concept. Restaurant with 3 floors in the first one you can sit at the bar, the preferred place to enjoy the view of the kitchen. There are several tasting menus of different prices starting from 45 ... 00 yen all of them very satisfactory. Tuna tataki, Kochi's most famous dish, consists of large pieces of bonito roasted over a live fire on straw on large grills. The exterior is very tan while the interior is practically raw. Historically it was a way to get around the ban on eating raw fish to avoid infection, so the locals could continue to enjoy sashimi without breaking the law. Here of course it is delicious and is taken with local coarse salt. You will be able to taste extensive assortment of local dishes sashimi of fish and seafood, tofu, tempura fresh vegetables ... etc. The rice is made in an individual pot, giving the sensation of fresh bread from the oven. Extensive selection of local sakes, which are generally slightly dry and are excellent to accompany fish. High level cuisine at local prices. Note: there is no menu in English, there is only a closed set type "omakase".


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    lunch ¥3,000, dinner ¥5,000
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    51 Seats
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    Cash, Credit card
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    Free reservation
    Only by reservation. Cancellation: minimum 48 hours in advance.



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