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Yatai Yasube 屋台安兵衛

Yatai Yasube / 屋台安兵衛

Located in Yatai road, this restaurant is a unique place. They have created the best gyoza dumplings in Kochi. Yasube has made gyozas since 1970, and they keep the traditional Chinese taste with some original improvements using local ginger and very high-quality pork minces, wrapped in a really thin pastry. When grilled, it makes the small size of the gyozas unique in flavor and crispiness. It is definitely a place you should not miss while you are visiting Kochi city. The shop is only open at n ... ight. If you are visiting during the daytime, then you should visit their sister shop, Hirome no Yasube, located in Hirome market. It is great for any of our Japan Gourmet Pass Gyoza lovers!


  • Type of Food
    Gyoza, Other
  • Prices
    dinner ¥1,000
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  • Capacity
    40 Seats
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