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¥1,000 ¥1,000

Kyu Yamutei Karahori 旧ヤム邸 空堀店

Kyu Yamutei Karahori / 旧ヤム邸 空堀店

At Kyu Yamutei Karahori they cook curry with a very personal touch, that you can't find anywhere else. As many of the restaurants in Japan they are very much specialized and only offer a few curry options. During lunchtime you can choose from 2 options from the total 3 they offer. For lunchtime they don't have an English menu because the curries change on daily basis based on the fresh ingredients available in the market but at night time they have an English menu. It is widely known by the loca ... l curry fans that Kyu Yamutei have one of the spiciest curries in Osaka. In there you can enjoy a simple menu with very good curry. The restaurant is located in an old wooden house with a unique atmosphere and Showa perior decoration in the popular shopping street of Karahori. NOTES: Their English Menus are only available at dinner. At lunchtime the menu changes very often and that is why it is not available. During lunchtime is smoke free and dinnertime smoke is allowed.


  • Type of Food
    Japanese Curry
  • Prices
    lunch ¥1,000, dinner ¥1,000
  • Menu Translated in
  • Capacity
    25 Seats
  • Payment Systems
  • Features
    Free reservation
    Optional reservation dinner time. Reservation minimum 48 hours in advance. Cancellation minimum 24 hours in advance.



From: 11:30 (Saturday 11:20)
To: 14:30
Last Order: 14:00
Avg Queue Time: Around 15 minutes
Closed: Monday, Tuesday.


From: 18:00
To: 21:30 (Sunday 21:00 )
Last Order: 21:00 (Sunday 20:00)
Avg Queue Time: Around 15 minutes
Closed: Monday, Tuesday .