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Momijido Main Store 紅葉堂 本店

Momijido Main Store / 紅葉堂 本店

Since 1912, Momijido has been crafting the famous and traditional sweet of Miyajima Island, Momiji Manju. Originally, 'Momiji manju' is a maple leaf-shaped cake filled with Manju (sweet red bean paste). Momijido has taken this local specialty to excellence by evolving it into different filling types and introducing Agemanju (fried Manju). On all occasions, they aim for a contrast of textures: a crispy outer layer with a soft, sponge-like interior that slowly dissolves in the mouth. They offer ... Momijidonuts shaped like donuts and baked Momiji Manju with various flavors: Anko (red bean paste), cheese, Setouchi lemon, matcha, cream, chocolate, fresh cheese; agemanju (fried Manju) with the same flavors, adding a delightful combo that explodes with the contrast of freshly made agemanju and vanilla ice cream. If you need to bring a gift, Momiji Manju is a typical Miyajima souvenir that everyone will appreciate. The fifth generation of this family-owned business currently has five shops spread across Miyajima Island, conveniently close to major points of interest, as well as in the city of Hiroshima.


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