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¥2,000 ¥5,000

Pizza Strada ピッツァ ストラーダ

Pizza Strada / ピッツァ ストラーダ

Pizza Strada is a very famous pizza maker in Tokyo. The central dish is the pizza of which they take care of all the details. The dough, of course, carefully made for 30 hours with selected flours, mineral water and Okinawan salt. The firewood furnace with embers of hardwoods such as oak, beech or cherry, combined with cedar flares, to adjust high temperature peaks. The ingredients are also carefully selected: Campania tomato sauce, Mozzarella from Ponticorvo (origin of this cheese), garlic from ... Aomori or baslico from Okinawa. To start, you can order a complete menu of starters taken from Italian cuisine, then the pizza is made on the spot, the ingredients are added, it bakes in a minute and it is served fresh out of the oven in less than 1 minute. It has a very comfortable terrace, and the concept of the restaurant is to meet friends as if you were on a street in Naples.


  • Type of Food
  • Prices
    lunch ¥2,000, dinner ¥5,000
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  • Capacity
    53 Seats
  • Payment Systems
    Cash, Credit card
  • Features
    Free reservation
    Optional reservation. For groups with enough time. At least 48 hours in advance. Cancellation: at least 24 hours in advance.



From: 12:00
To: 14:30
Last Order: 14:30
Avg Queue Time:
Closed: Open only weekends & public holidays.


From: 17:00 (Weekends & public holidays 14:30)
To: 22:30
Last Order: 22:00
Avg Queue Time:
Closed: Open every day.