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¥2,000 ¥3,500

Shika Jaya 知客茶家

Shika Jaya / 知客茶家

Shika Jaya presents a culinary haven devoted to the art of crafting dishes from tofu and yamaimo (Japanese yams). The establishment boasts a charming atmosphere infused with a sense of history. Having been in operation since 1938, the shop offers a signature dish known as "Soun tofu," a comforting yamakake tofu preparation. This delicacy combines grated yam and tofu, complemented by a light miso flavor, and is considered a local specialty. All these delectable creations are elegantly served i ... n urushi (lacquer ware) dishes. Enjoy the option of complimentary rice refills.


  • Type of Food
    Other, Vegetarian
  • Prices
    lunch ¥2,000, dinner ¥3,500
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  • Capacity
    25 Seats
  • Payment Systems
    Credit card
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From: 11:00
To: 15:00
Last Order: 14:15
Avg Queue Time: Around 40 minutes on weekend
Closed: Thursday.


From: 16:30
To: 19:30
Last Order: 18:45
Avg Queue Time: Around 30 minutes on weekend
Closed: Wednesday and Thursday.