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Sushi Kurosaki スシクロサキ (鮨くろさき)

Sushi Kurosaki / スシクロサキ (鮨くろさき)

In the Nikko area, there aren't many restaurants that offer good value, but Sushi Kurosaki is one of them. It's a very casual restaurant where the chef combines sushi, other seafood specialties, and some Izakaya dishes. The quality is good, and the prices are very affordable. They welcome visitors from overseas, and the atmosphere is usually quite local, with some foreigners as well. Since Nikko is a popular tourist destination and a relatively small location, Sushi Kurosaki is a great choice ... if you want to enjoy sushi without spending too much. Their offerings include classic rice bowls with sashimi on top, nigiri sets that come with side dishes, or their fried fish, resembling the ones typically served in classic Izakaya restaurants. If you're looking to upgrade your meal, they also offer some pricier course sets. The decoration is simple, and you can watch the chef working in the kitchen, with locals sitting at the counter interacting with him. Additionally, there are some Japanese-style tables where you can sit, as well as regular Western-style tables. The restaurant is conveniently located near several hotels and the entrance of Lake Chuzenji.




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