Aroyna Tabeta

タイ料理 あろいなたべた


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Aroyna Tabeta is a classic Thai food restaurant. You can enjoy authentic cuisine while "feeling" the atmosphere of Thailand. You can delight yourself with the classic papaya salad, green curry or the fried shrimp dishes, without forgetting the classic morning glory with garlic, chili and oyster sauce. Sometimes there are life events and music performances as well it can be reserved for private group events. It was one of Yurakucho’s most popular shops and now relocated just a few minutes walk from Kanda station. NOTE: If you look for a Thai feast with the higher standards, then this is not the place, but if instead you look for a good place to have a quick lunch and inexpensive, Aroyna Tabeta is very good cost-performance while you keep on your day. The chairs are not very comfortable and the shop is sometimes slightly noisy, but still is a good option.

Opening time:

Lunch & Dinner (Followed hours)
From: 11:00am
To: 23:00pm
Last order: 22:30pm
Closed: Everyday open


Price / Payment:

Average prices:
Lunch & Dinner (Followed hours) ¥2,000~

Payments system:
Cash, Credit card

10 %

Free Service
Free Service Details:
NOTE: 10% or Free dessert when the bill is ¥2,000 or more.
Note: Access your Free Service together with your meal.


Menu translated in:

120 seats

Free wifi
Family friendly
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  • Aroyna Tabeta-Thai-food-restaurant-popular-salad-manaharumaki
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