Ginza Kagari

銀座 篝 本店

Ramen, Tsukemen

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The shop was open in 2013 and they moved once since then. From the first year people was making long lineup to enjoy a bowl of their ramen. Kagari is a modern and stylish shop in the small back streets of Ginza area. Their signature dish is the "Tori-Paitan", considered one of the best ramen in Tokyo. You can also add interesting toppings and a range of options. Few years ago they disappeared and many restaurants with the same name appeared around Japan but none being them. Finally around two years ago they reopen in another location in Ginza with the new name "Ginza Kagari". Now you can still enjoy the classic "Tori-paitan" but you can get tsukemen with porcini mushrooms and other new dishes. NOTE: They only accept credit card and electronic payments, this has been saving lots of time on the clients lineup for a ramen bowl.

Opening time:

From: 11:00am
To: 15:30pm
Last order: 15:00pm
Closed: Sunday and public holidays
Average queue time : From 45 minutes

From: 17:30pm
To: 22:00pm (Saturday 21:00pm)
Last order: 21:40pm (Saturday 20:40pm)
Closed: Sunday & public holidays
Average queue time : From 45 minutes


Price / Payment:

Average prices:
Lunch ¥1,000~
Dinner ¥1,000~

Payments system:
Credit card, Nanaco, Edy, Rakuten, iD, QUICPay

Very good price-quality ratio and extremely popular.
No discount or free services. No need to show your Japan Gourmet Pass.


Menu translated in:

17 seats

  • Ginza Kagari Ramen entrance view
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen Tori paitan ramen
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen boiled egg perfection
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen ramen soy soup
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen tori paitan close view
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen original ramen
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen veggies and toppings
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen Tori paitan set
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen close view
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen ramen set and counter
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen soup
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen broth soup
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen kitchen
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen counter view inside
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen counter and kitchen
  • Ginza Kagari Ramen entrance night time

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