Hakata Tenjin Shinjuku

博多天神 新宿東口店


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Typical Hakata-style ramen: pork bone soup (tonkotsu ramen) with its characteristic fine, compact and slightly hard noodles very close to the west exit of Shinjuku Gyoen Park. Being a more than an acceptable chain ramen, we can assure that it is the best value for only ¥500. It is a place with the taste of the Showa era (50s of the 20th century). Frequented by the typical "salary man" (Japanese office workers) until 3 in the morning (except holidays) it has an extra fast service and is quite large for the Tokyo standards that it allows groups of 4 or 5 people without queuing. As in Hakata, do not forget to order a second portion of noodles for free if you still hungry: “KAEDAMA KUDASAI”.

Opening time:

Lunch & Dinner (Followed hours)
From: 11:00am
To: 03:00am (20:00pm Sundays and public holidays)
Last order: 02:40am (19:40pm Sundays and public holidays)
Closed: Everyday open


Price / Payment:

Average prices:
Lunch & Dinner (Followed hours) ¥500~

Payments system:

Free Service
Free Service Details:
One free noodle refill.
Note: Access your Free Service together with your meal.


Menu translated in:

25 seats

Smoking area
  • Hakata tenjin Shinjuku ramen Good and Cheap
  • Hakata tenjin Shinjuku ramen Best cost performance
  • Hakata tenjin Shinjuku ramen extra Char Siu
  • Hakata tenjin Shinjuku ramen free refill Kaedama
  • Hakata tenjin Shinjuku ramen Only 500 best cost performance
  • Hakata tenjin Shinjuku ramen menu
  • Hakata tenjin Shinjuku ramen kitchen
  • Hakata tenjin Shinjuku ramen interior

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