Kanda Shinpachi Honten


Izakaya, Seafood, Sake (Nihonshu), Show Restaurant

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Long term established traditional Izakaya. sashimi, hot-pot (nabe), and all the typical menu variety of the izakaya restaurants. Shinpachi is famous for its sashimi selection, grilled and boiled dishes. Shinpachi’s signatures are seafood and fishes in all styles. Their most recommended choice is “NodoGuro”. The veggies used are all seasonal and meat is carefully selected from trusted Japanese suppliers. Japanese sake (nihonshu) perfectly pairs with the food menu. Their cellar has more than 80 kinds of sake of all types. You can ask for Japanese style private rooms for groups as well. On Saturdays traditional shamisen music performance available upon reservation and if you are lucky enough, you may enjoy the owner’s shamisen performance. Just one minute walking from Kanda East exit.

Opening time:

From: 11:00am
To: 14:30pm
Last order: 14:00pm
Closed: Sunday

From: 16:00pm
To: 23:30pm
Last order: 22:30pm
Closed: public holiday


Price / Payment:

Average prices:
Lunch ¥1,000~
Dinner ¥8,000~

Payments system:
Cash, Credit card

Free Service
Free Service Details:
Free original Tenugui design (Japanese hand towel)
Note: Access your Free Service together with your meal.

  • Kanda Shinpachi Honten
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  • Kanda-Shinpachi-Honten-restaurant-izakaya-delicate-lemon
  • Kanda-Shinpachi-Honten-restaurant-izakaya-sashimi-set
  • Kanda-Shinpachi-restaurant-izakaya-grand-sashimi-set
  • Kanda-Shinpachi-Honten-restaurant-izakaya-course-menu
  • Kanda-Shinpachi-Honten-restaurant-izakaya-veggetables-grand-set
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  • Kanda-Shinpachi-restaurant-izakaya-nihonshu-varieties
  • Kanda-Shinpachi-restaurant-izakaya-sake-types-nihonshu-Japanese-drinks
  • Kanda-Shinpachi-Honten-restaurant-izakaya-room-view
  • Kanda-Shinpachi-Honten-restaurant-izakaya-inside-view
  • Kanda-Shinpachi-Honten-restaurant-izakaya-table-view

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